Friday, 28 November 2008

Ireland still firing for huge bass.....

  • There were a lot of bass moving around when we got to our fishing spot before first light this morning, and Tom above nailed this 11lb bass on his second cast ever in Ireland !! Well done sir, that is some fishing. You can see the joy a fish like this brings us, just check out Graham and Tom celebrating in the photo above. A fantastic bass in outstanding condition, it was hooked within twenty yards of the shoreline on a soft plastic lure. A MegaBass XLayer to be precise, fished on a jig. Second cast of the morning !!
  • Above is Tom with the same 11lb bass prior to a safe release of the fish - I watched it swim out into the main current in my headlamp. What a sight. There were some seriously big fish swirling around early this morning, but they were no pushover at all. All credit to Tom for fishing so well. I had a couple of crocodiles chase my lure with a big bow wave and then turn away at the last moment. Heart stopping stuff.
  • There was a hard frost this morning, and barely a cloud in the sky all day as you can see above. What a stunning day for the end of November. Graham, Patrick and I weighed in with a few small bass, but today was Tom's day without a doubt. I love coming to Ireland more and more. What a place. Guess how many other anglers we saw today ? Yes, you are right - none !! I reckon we walked close to 10 miles today on the hunt for bass, and we are up early again tomorrow morning to see if we can nail a few more.
  • Above is the product of Tom's third cast in Ireland - another cracking bass, again taken on a MegaBass XLayer soft plastic lure. They can be hard to track down, but you can get them from here. You can see one of the lures rigged on a jig in the photo below. The guys out here are really switching on to using soft plastic lures for their bass fishing, and they are a blast to use in the right places. I have a huge amount to learn about using soft plastics for bass fishing.


Ben Field said...

...imagine a bass almost twice the size of that top one! That 93cm fish must have been insane!!

Danny Parkins said...

very cool fishing there Buddy
got a few tips 4 ya wen ya get home with those sluggo's (rubber lures) think ya will b very keen to see them rigged my way!
looking forward to thurs!!
speak in the week

Spitfire66 said...

Henry - sitting here in Dublin airport still shaking - what a buzz & what fishing !
was great meeting you (but get your facts right - it was first and second casts lol)
Hope you guys spank that monster today............

Im on top of the world - totally buzzing

Speak soon


Henry Gilbey said...


I am sure you must have sneaked a practise one in for your first cast !! What a fish.....

Well done, hope the journey back was good. Tougher fishing this morning, but we got a couple of nice fish, check the post.

Catch you again soon, a pleasure to fish with you. Some place over here is it not ?

Danny - see you Thursday, got your text, will shout on my way back home on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Hi henry ill be in waterford this weekend with condtions look quite good for bass, lures and fly is my favourtie way of catching them. I have the marks, i have the dawn last light tides merrying up nicely with the best times on certain marks. Any tips on the big rubbers? how to fish them effectively i mean? Hurry up saturday....p.s i havnt got your exact lures but ill be purchasing something from the local tackle shop