Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Front cover

  • I just got the new Get Hooked 2008 guide through the post, with my shot of a grayling on the cover. This is a fairly tight crop of a photo I shot with Nick Hart, and it shows just how much can be done with a clean digital file to make it work for a particular client. The Get Hooked guide is an invaluable way to find out about all kinds of fishing, fisheries, tackle shops etc. throughout the south west, and they have a good website here.

  • What a weird weekend of weather we seemed to have all over the UK this Easter - down here in the south west we had virtually everything over a three day period, but that did stop my wife and I from wrapping the kids up warm and going to the beach. What on earth would be the point of living down here if we did not take every chance possible to get down to the stunning beaches we have all around here ? Plus the moors of course. My sheepdog Jess just loves chasing sea gulls on the beach.

  • Have a look at the new issue of Sea Angler magazine - there is a really good looking feature of mine that I shot on wrasse fishing, a kind of fishing that I still get a huge kick out of. Sitting on quiet rock edges and banging a few of these hard scrapping fish out will always put a smile on the face, especially when the odd one comes along and does you like a kipper !! Look in Sea Angler at pages 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 for the feature. Martin and Kevin, I owe you one for taking me out fishing with you. Thanks guys.

  • Well done to Neil Mackellow for becoming the new Sea Consultant at Hardy & Greys Ltd. - I very much look forward to working closely with Neil. I know that this guy will take the company where they need to go in the sea fishing world, and I am really pleased to be a part of it all. Check the link here for the full details.

  • It was a sad day in extreme metal when Max left Sepultura all those years ago - I remember when they blasted onto the scene with their classic "Beneath the Remains" album, and I will never forget when Sepultura first toured that album and I saw them rip the famous Marquee Club up with their rabid intensity. So it is great news that the two Cavelera brothers have finally got back together and released an album full of their trademark sounds - check out "Inflikted" by the "Cavalera Conspiracy", and listen to a track or two here. You seriously need this stuff to get your week off to a flying start.

  • I did photograph Sepultura a few years ago when they played down at Exeter, but in truth they are a shadow of their former selves. You can see a stack of photos here. Go and listen to their classic Beneath the Remains, Arise, Chaos AD and Roots to see how awesome they once were.

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