Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Last month's cover

I also had the front cover of last month's Trout Fisherman as well, as you can see above - Nick Hart is holding a well conditioned rainbow trout that he took from Hollies trout fishery near Honiton late last year. It is the type of photo that you have to go looking for when the skies are grey and you can't shoot anything wide - coming down really low and trying to make something special out of the fish works really well when the light is flat. Every single photo job I do, I work on giving as much value to my clients as possible, whatever the weather and however the fishing goes. Nick is an easy guy to work with and is in my view one of the UK's top fly fishing instructors. Check out what he does by having a look at his website here, and also take a look at his new tackle website here.
There is a good looking feature of mine out in a big US fishing magazine called Destination Fish - the article is about the huge coalfish we targeted on the fly last summer out in Rost, Norway. Check here for a bunch of photos on my website. Whilst it is no sense any kind of "conventional" fly fishing, putting big flies down deep for these fantastic fish was a blast. It might be worth a crack at the big cod on fly gear next......if you need details on where to go, check out this photo essay here from when we filmed out there in 2006.

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