Monday, 7 January 2008

Brothers' DVD flying off the shelves

I have just heard that my younger brothers' 2007 feature film Rise of the Footsoldier is selling seriously well as a DVD, and it has only been out since Boxing Day - loads of shops and stores have sold out already. Make sure to get a copy and watch this awesome film for yourself - it is a no holds barred, unflinching look at the uglier side of life, but if this floats your boat then you are in for a treat. Turn the sound system up, close the curtains, make sure the kids are in bed and settle in for a proper UK film. My brothers Julian and William are currently writing their next script which I believe they will start filming sometime this this space. What an incredible achievement.
The local guys have caught a few nice thornback rays from the Tamar. These are always good fish to catch, with the majority coming close to the mouth of the river on ledgered prawn baits. The switched on anglers will net their prawns when they are around and then freeze enough down to last until they show up again. Frozen works just as well as live for the rays. Day or night does not matter in the Tamar when you are fishing the deepwater marks, but make sure to use enough lead to hold bottom - consider a good 6oz gripper to be a minimum requirement.

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