Friday, 5 December 2008

Front cover in Germany

  • I have been working on a freelance basis for the big German fishing magazine Blinker for some time now, and above is my first front cover with them - it is of Nick Hart holding a well-conditioned rainbow trout. I reckon the photo works well on the cover and I am always over the moon to get a cover. Blinker has a huge circulation throughout parts of Europe and it is always full of really good looking articles - I wish I could understand them as I reckon I could learn a lot, but my German is seriously non-existent !!

  • This shore fishing for bass with soft plastics has got me really intrigued, and I have already been looking around for different lures and jig heads. Just how easy is it to spend too much money on our fishing ? I reckon Graham, Patrick and Cian are going to land some truly monster bass right through the winter if they get the right conditions over in Ireland, and I would bet that the majority are going to come on the plastics. Not that hard lures are suddenly not lethally effective (of course they can be), more that a couple of locations they are fishing demand some different tactics. I truly believe that they have the potential for awesome bass fishing right through the year, taking into account the Irish close season of course.

  • Sometime next week I will do my best to get a couple of photo galleries up here from my September and November Irish bass trips - I came away with plenty of photos that I need to illustrate my articles etc. Fishing can be such a visually stunning thing to do, and most times I consider what I do to be the best job in the world - ok, so not every day is going to go great, but just having the chance to work around the best sport in the world is a privilege, and my focus is on making it look better and better all the time.

  • Have a good weekend all, I am off over to north Cornwall with my family to spend a weekend walking, golfing (yes !!) and messing around on the beach - whatever the weather, we don't care, my two girls have got full waterproofs and they love being out and about. Jess can chase seagulls for hours on end. I might also get the chance to check out a couple of potential bass marks I have been thinking about, under the pretext of "let's walk this way, it looks nice" sort of thing. You always need that fishing head on.....


Paul said...

"and most times I consider what I do to be the best job in the world"

You're not the only one who thinks you've got the best job in the World! Swap you in a heartbeat!

Seriously though, you do a great job and the blog is essential reading even with the dodgy metal references (about time you got into some proper prog rock, even the bass appreciate a bit of Porcupine Tree or Floyd!).

Tight lines and clean lenses,

Henry Gilbey said...

Peter - many thanks.

But I reckon that big time feeding bass are so hectic that they could only be into extreme metal !! Perhaps they are more into the prog stuff when they have an off day and taunt me with their stubborn refusal to nail my lure.

Check out Opeth by the way, an incredible metal band heavily influenced by prog rock.

Paul said...

Don't mind Opeth, their frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt guested on Porcupine Trees 'Blackwing' album which was pretty cool.

Take care and tight lines. Am looking forward to bass fishing in Anglesey next summer and your blog's making me think lure fishing might be the way forward!!

Henry Gilbey said...

Paul - if you are going bass fishing in Anglesey and are thinking about lures, you seriously need to talk to these guys here :

They sell awesome lures and they know plenty about bassing up that way.