Wednesday, 24 September 2008

It's official - extreme metal makes you more of a man

  • Or at least it will if you listen to the new Amon Amarth album, "Twilight of the Thunder God". I was getting worried, but this CD turned up just in time for me to load it onto my iPOD and take on my South Africa trip. This is an immense release, surely one of the greats of the year, and if this insanely catchy yet crushing death metal doesn't make you want to become a Viking then nothing will. Find the nearest horse, saddle up, and grab a huge sword - ride on into a victorious sunset with this music blasting at full tilt and I guarantee that you will feel more of a man !! Who said music does not influence people ? They very plainly have not heard this stuff. I can feel the urge right now to swing an axe, slice with a sword, and generally go on a Viking rampage through the ancient countryside. After I have done that for an hour or two I'll come home, make my wife a nice cup of tea and then give my two daughters a bath and put them to bed.

  • Check out some of the tracks right here, and then I implore you, buy this CD and make your life feel a whole lot better. The vocalist is a man mountain, and he roars with such passion and aggression that sometimes I find myself getting misty eyed with the sheer emotion of it all. I am going to do my best to see these guys on the forthcoming Unholy Alliance Tour, along with Mastodon, Trivium, and the finest thrash metal band the world has ever seen, the mighty Slayer. The last time I saw Slayer live they ripped the place to pieces.

  • Also check out the new album from The Haunted, called Versus - this band was originally born from the ashes of the awesome At The Gates, and they have released some truly outstanding and brutal thrash metal that leaves many other bands for dead. Check out some of the new tracks here. The Haunted are insanely good.

  • How cool is that ? Two CDs that I have ordered turn up right before I am due on a long flight, so if you are flying to Johannesburg tomorrow night with British Airways, don't worry if you see a guy dressed as a Viking running up and down the aisles, it's only me enjoying my new albums. Not that I need to grow up or anything.......

  • I suppose I should now say something meaningful about fishing, but instead I am going to charge downstairs on my horse and give my kids a talking to about not letting music influence you. "Be like your Dad and you'll be just fine". Best get myself packed up and ready to leave for the airport tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

That's a fantastically funny post, Henry. You have no shame....8-)