Monday, 30 June 2008

Pounding seas

  • Ever since we got here late on Friday, the seas have been pounding in, pushed by pretty strong onshore winds and really up and down weather - one minute the sun is out and I am getting the suncream on, and the next minute it is nearly time to put a fleece on. Still, this kind of weather is what makes us Brits great !!

  • I tucked away as much as I could this morning close to Trevone to try plugging for bass, but those waves just kept on pounding. I had to time it so that I cast and fished in a lull between the biggest waves, and then backed off as the lines of rollers came in. I knew it was too rough for lure fishing, but I wanted to give it a go - a fish turned on me, but I could not tell if it was a bass or a pollack. The actual clarity of the water is not that bad, but it is going to have to calm down somewhat for me to have a proper chance up here on the north Cornwall coast.

  • But to be perfectly honest, I am not really that bothered that plugging conditions are not great, for I am getting some proper time to spend with my family. Work and travel has been pretty hectic recently, so I am loving being out of my office for a few days and getting to spend uninterrupted time with my wife and two daughters. I have even played a bit of golf, but frustratingly not that well as I have not been playing much for ages. That little white ball could drive a man insane !!

  • I am not sure what the weather is forecast to do, but if it calms off I am going to get back out for a few hours bassing. And if not, at least I have got a week in south east Ireland coming up from the middle of July - now that is something I seriously can't wait for.


Anonymous said...

Hello Henry!
Which part of the Trevone are were you fishing? Rocky Beach?
Best Wishes

Henry Gilbey said...


Not sure what the area is called, but it is the south side of Trevone - all the rocks, gullies etc.

So close to being good conditions this morning, but seen the forecast and it is pants !! Great.

Martyn said...


That little white ball is almost as frustrating as mullet can drive you

Anonymous said...

Hi Henry,
Yes thats Rocky Beach. My inlaws live in Trevone. Shows how anal I am, spent time at christmas photographing the area at low tide with my new camera! Just to make sure I dont miss anything!
Have a good week,

Henry Gilbey said...

Nothing anal about it at all - stunning looking plugging ground, but somewhat unfishable this week !! Some lovely surf pounding in though.....hope to see you up there one day, I will be back when conditions are better.

And as for golf, I am a calmer, maturer man now (!!) - I did actually give the game up for about eight years once, it wound me up that much. But with my new found maturity, I am hardly losing my temper at all on the course (unlike with mullet fishing). Six inches away from a hole in one the day before yesterday, plus a chip in off the green, from heavy rough. But still not playing very well yet.