Friday, 24 August 2007

Life's simple pleasures......

Few things in fishing are as pleasurable and hypnotic as float fishing, especially on a really pretty little lake that is stashed with good fish. I can't believe I don't do more of this fishing, for this is what I so loved doing when I was growing up. Float fishing gets me every time. Just been on a quick visit to Norfolk for a couple of meetings and I managed to spend a few hours on Thursday morning beside a very wet and windy lake not that far from Norwich before flying home. Could not do much photography wise except keep fairly tight with a 70-200 lens and make sure to frame out any of the grey skies. This calm corner of the lake hides how bad the weather was.
These guys get together as part of John Bailey's Casting For Gold guiding operation and they fish the most wonderful, secluded waters for a variety of species. Anybody who is interested in freshwater fishing should check this out. John Bailey is a true gentleman and an awesome angler, photographer and writer. As I do, he subscribes totally to fishing being a simple pastime that does not require all this over-complicated nonsense that serves only to freak people out.
Good looking forecast for the weekend down here, out on Plymouth Breakwater photographing on Sunday, hoping to see big blue skies and plenty of fish.

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